All testimonials are unprompted.

“Our business has been built on the back of relationships with other professional firms. Membership of SIFA Professional has helped immeasurably over the years. Their support, including presenting at our seminars, has been a key ingredient to our success.”

Kevin Ferriby, Informed Financial Planning, Leeds

“I feel being a SIFA Professional member has benefited us in so many ways, most notably of late, being kept up to date with the new SRA Rules and Regulations and the new Codes of Conduct. Being so well informed truly enables us to engage with solicitors and discuss how we can help.”

Paul Gorman, Beaufort Financial, West Midlands

“Thanks again for presenting yesterday Dave. Your presentation was excellent and we have received extremely positive feedback from our solicitor delegates.”

Neil Whitaker, The Goodman Partnership, Tunbridge Wells

“I have just left a message on the email enquiry page of the SIFA website to say how useful some of the items have been that you recently sent us as SIFA Pro members.”

David Burren, Succession Financial, Cheltenham

“ Having worked with SIFA Professional for several years, we have found their in depth knowledge and guidance to be invaluable, We have built our business on working with legal firms and therefore it is always helpful to have Dave and his team talk the same language.”

Colin Low, Kingsfleet Wealth, Suffolk

 “Thanks for speaking last night and cramming so much brilliant content into a 20 minute slot. The feedback has been really good and it does seem as if you have given our solicitor connections something to think about.”

Simon Ludden, Tarvos Wealth Management, Canterbury

“While SIFA Professional membership does not guarantee new business, it certainly helps. For example, SIFA Professional come to Worthing each year to present at our introducer workshop.”

Ivan Lyons, Investment Solutions, Worthing

“We see SIFA Professional as a key part of our strategy to develop introductions through solicitors over the next few years.”

Iain Mackie, Fraser Wealth Management, Liverpool